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Roslyn Works, Stoke on Trent. This listed former pottery (Park Place Works) has quite a history sharing its heritage with Gladstone Works.

The origin of the pottery known as the Gladstone Works dates right back to the birth of the pottery industry as we know it today.

At the end of the 18th century Longton was the next largest  pottery town after Burslem, and the future growth of Longton was made possible by the sale of the Longton Manor estate in the 1780s, which allowed the Burslem potters, and others, to buy land at a time when there was a shortage of developable land in the Burslem area.

Among the purchasers of the Longton lands were the Shelleys, a local family who had become well known for their potting skills. By 1787 they had established a large and thriving manufacturing concern on a site to the south of Lane End, adjoining the recently turnpiked road to Uttoxeter. It is on part of this site that the Gladstone Pottery Museum now stands.

Here the Shelleys produced their own earthenware, and also decorated plates and dishes manufactured by Josiah Wedgwood at Etruria. Two of the family, Thomas and Michael, were to achieve considerable prestige as manufacturers; yet by 1789 their business had failed, and they were declared bankrupt and forced to sell their factory. The purchaser was William Ward and he paid £900 for the site.

Over the years as the pottery industry declined, the building fell into disrepair. However following designation as a Grade 2 listed building, conservation work began. This included repairs and the consolidation of two brick bottle ovens, masonry walls, and rooves. Contemporary interventions formed the glass roof to the courtyard, along with glazed entrance screens and access improvements, including re-decoration & signage.

Roslyn Works offers modern business spaces in a historic setting


Some venues offer character and charm. Some are eco-friendly. Some venues offer great functionality. Nowhere combines these dimensions quite like Stoke-on-Trent’s BECs.

Award winning restorations of historic buildings

Award winning restorations of historic buildings

Combining the best of 130 years of potteries heritage with cutting edge technology and design, creating an exciting fusion of the old and the new

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